HiyaaXP Requirements

This website uses features that a few browsers suppport, and some don't
so here's the list of requirements


- displays a width of least 900px / have a screen resoultion of at least 1024x768 with 24-bit color (everyone has this lol)
- supports the wick editor
- supports javascript
- renders images (duh.)
- displays gradients
- A fast computer (optional if you dont care about how long it takes to load)


- the minimum requirements
- have a screen resoultion of at least 1024x728 with 24-bit color
- A fast computer
- Dont. Use. Internet Explorer. It's dead.
Recommended browsers:
- Google Chrome 90+
- Firefox 64+
- Microsoft Edge
- MyPal (i think ._.)

2021 WebGame2k

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